Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14 - Making a House

Today was totally blah. Tom had to work ALL day, so the kids and I had a lazy day. I watched a marathon of Battlestar Galactica on BBC America (yes - I really do like sci-fi, lol) and worked on my year in review layout. I'm excited to say I finished it!! I can't share it yet since the fonts I used won't be released until February 1st, but I'm happy all the same! I think it turned out better then I could have hoped. It's a wonderful feeling when that happens :)

Today's photo is Liam doing something he's done for a couple days now. We cleaned off the island (finally!) a couple weeks ago. Or I should give credit where credit is due: TOM cleaned the island off, lol. To be fair - a few of the items just got moved to the table, lol - but hey, at least the island is clean.

Well, Liam has started using it for his Legos, lol. He found the box that our Keurig came in and used it as a step stool to reach the island. He keeps making one house (for someone in the family) and then takes pieces off that one and starts building a new one. This has become an endless process, lol :)

I love that little tongue of his sticking out in concentration, lol. And with that, I'm calling it good! I'm caught up! Yay!! Today, the family and I are heading to Las Cruces! I love going there - makes me feel like I'm visiting REAL civilization (unlike this ... town - I don't know what to call it, lol. Hell seems a little harsh, but .... also slightly appropriate at times).

Anyhoo - until next time!

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