Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - Playing the Wii

It took me a bit to get to this post. There's something a little overwhelming about posts that deal in multiple pics. SO - I took a break from it yesterday (after taking so many pics) and am now tackling it. See - there was a photo challenge at SSD. 10 photos on the 10th - one each hour. I totally spaced the dates, and missed the 10th by a day, lol - but we were told we could do it any day; that is was more about getting the photos. So, even though it was the 11th, I went ahead and gave it a shot.

The goal with these is to turn them into a layout. Fingers crossed that I get to it!! :) Here are the photos:

8am: Connor gets ready for school and I drop him off.
9am: My new healthier breakfast - corn flakes & banana.
10am: Working on a blog post for P365.
11am: Getting a template ready for a year in review layout I'm working on.
12pm: Liam eats lunch - a PB&J sandwich, toasted.
1pm: Liam shows off a pyramid he worked very hard on.
2pm: My new healthier lunch - low calorie salad.
3pm: Getting Connor from school. Showing me a zero (ie: he didn't get in trouble today!)
4pm: Connor's reward for being good in school - he gets to play the Wii.
5pm: Tom gets home and zonks out for a couple hour nap.

So yeah - I did a lot more journaling through out the whole day - but I didn't wanna bore you with all that. I'll use it (some of it anyways) on the layout I (hopefully) will make.

And todays photo I chose was the one of Connor playing the Wii. I got Super Mario Bros. for Christmas, and Connor got to play it. He didn't do great, but he did finally get the hat that makes him fly. This face is him having a blast, making Mario fly up high! :)

That's all for now! Off to do today's post now :)

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